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We will reproduce the below plot using aplpy. We will plot channel maps of the Holmberg I datacube (channel 11 to channel 22, counting from zero). The data can be obtained from https://www2.mpia-hd.mpg.de/THINGS/Data_files/HO_I_NA_CUBE_THINGS.FITS. To get it, simply type the following in your terminal: wget https://www2.mpia-hd.mpg.de/THINGS/Data_files/HO_I_NA_CUBE_THINGS.FITS...
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MIRIAD is a data reduction software that was primarily written to reduce radio interferometric data from the Australia Telescope Compact Array . However, it can also be used to analyze data from other radio telescopes such as the VLA or the MeerKAT. Although it was...
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CASA, the Common Astronomy Software Applications package, is a data processing software for radio Astronomy. Although in the CASA release page it is said to be available for Linux Red Hat 7, Red Hat 8, and Mac OS, it can also work in Ubuntu. I...
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Kvis is a powerful visualization tool widely used in Radio Astronomy. It is part of the Karma software package and can be used to inspect and compare multiple images and cubes at the same time, overlay contours, play movies of data cubes and much more.Kpvslice...
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