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How to install Karma/Kvis/Kpvslice/Kshell in Ubuntu

Kvis is a powerful visualization tool widely used in Radio Astronomy. It is part of the Karma software package and can be used to inspect and compare multiple images and cubes at the same time, overlay contours, play movies of data cubes and much more.
Kpvslice allows you to make a position-velocity diagram (PV diagram) from a 3D cube by defining the start and end-point of a slice using a 2D map.
Kshell is a tool to search for expanding shells in a 3D data cube by inspecting the shape of a radius-velocity map created by kshell.
To install the above tools in Ubuntu, follow the (easy) steps below:

Download the tar files in  ftp://ftp.atnf.csiro.au/pub/software/karma/. Download both the ".common.tar" file and the tarball corresponding to your operating system. E.g., for Ubuntu 64 bits, download karma-1.7.25-amd64_Linux_libc6.3.tar.bz2 and karma-1.7.25-common.tar.bz2  Go to the directory where you put the downloaded tarballs and untar the files using the following commands: 

tar -xvf karma-1.7.25-amd64_Linux_libc6.3.tar.bz2 tar -xvf karma-1.7.25-common.tar.bz2 
#Note that after untarring the two files, all the necessary files will be put in one directory like karma-1.7.25.  
# Now move this directory to /usr/local/karma/
sudo mv karma-1.7.25 /usr/local/karma/
#Open your ~/.bashrc file with your favourite text editor and put the following lines:
export KARMABASE="/usr/local/karma/amd64_Linux_libc6.3"
#Then put an alias in your ~/.bash_profile:
alias kvis="/usr/local/karma/amd64_Linux_libc6.3/bin/./kvis"
alias kshell="/usr/local/karma/amd64_Linux_libc6.3/bin/./kshell"
alias kpvslice="/usr/local/karma/amd64_Linux_libc6.3/bin/./kpvslice" 

You can now type kvis, kshell, or kpvslice in your terminal. To be able to use other tools like koords or krenzo, simply put an alias in your ~/.bashrc as shown above. Note that setting up the library path as shown above prevent errors as: __kwin_hershey_initialise: error opening font file: "/share/fonts.dat" canvas_dressing_get_size: error sizing string: "aAbBgGpP!"